Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna

Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna
Busco Paraiso
Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna
Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna


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  • country:Chile
  • region:Valparaiso
  • style(s):Latin, World
  • label:Petit Indie
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, singer songwriter, jazz combo, salsa and latin band, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Petit Indie

Line up

  • Pascuala Ilabaca (Vocal, accordion and piano)


Pascuala Ilabcaca (1985, Valparaiso, Chile)

Accordion-wielding Chilean songstress Pascuala Ilabaca is a true hidden gem:

A favourite on the new scene of young Chilean singer-songwriters, her music is rooted in traditional sounds but effortlessly integrates shades of jazz, pop and rock, and influences gathered in such distant places as India or Mexico.

Accompanied by her formidable band Fauna, her unique stage presence conjures up sweetness and empowerment at the same time, setting her songs alive with both fragility and verve.

We have been nominated for Best Artist 2016 in Songlines magazine with Mariza, Seckou Keita and Lura. We got 2 times (2013 & 2015) the Independent Music Awards (USA) for our last 2 albums, and we got selected in March 2015 as Top of the World in Songlines. In 2016 Pascuala received the Pulsar, the most important Chilean music award, for the last album Rey Loj.

Since 2011, when they published their rst album, we got 12 tours in Europe, with more than 150 concerts. This 2016 we publish the 3rd band album.

Big festivals in Europe like Womad, TFF Rudolstadt, Shambala, Fussion, London Jazz Festival, Les Escales, Pirineos sur, La Mar de Músicas, etc, or big venues like Berliner Philharmoniker have invited us having a great success in all of them.