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'Dekh-Ke, Dekhne Ka Naya Tarika', is an album in support of Literacy India, an organization committed to working towards the upliftment and education of underprivileged children in northern India, Gurgaon.

Supported by philharmonic entertainment Pvt. Ltd. the executive producers for the album, 'Dekh-Ke, Dekhne Ka Naya Tarika' is the debut venture by music director, Bonnie Chakraboborty and a guild of music producers working together to create a musical platform known as the Bhronmor meaning whirlwind in Bengali.

This production is a musical confluence of traditional Indian folk styles including Bhojpuri, Neergun, Chaita, Sufi, Qawwali and Baul (Bengali folk) merged with Indian classical and Indian film elements. The lyrics on the album are sung in Purabiya, a dialect that comprises essential elements of various Indian dialects including Bihari, U.P. (Utttar Pradeshi) and Hindi. Together, this new style of music aims to create a global musical vernacular, a new idiom in itself

The album narrates the journey of an artist into the realization of hope and promise present within every underprivileged child.

A number of renowned artists/musicians and singers from around the globe have contributed their talents to this project.

One of the busiest and most popular folk voices in the Indian film and music industry. Aside from being a successful solo artist, Kailash has lent his amazing voice to some the biggest Bollywood productions.

A singer and composer, he is popularly known as Yoga and has collaborated with the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Spike Lee (for the film, '25th Hour') and was the first Tamil vocalist to sing in a major Hollywood film. Now based in London, Yoga is trained in both Carnatic and western classical opera and possesses a most powerful voice.

For many years Yoga has performed in a variety of contexts ranging from musical to visual to dance. In his effort to promote and support the peace process in Sri Lanka, he made the album, 'Peace For Paradise' (2005). As a musician, composer amd teacher, Yoga has helped spread his music through his collaborations and travels across the world.

Bombay Jayashri Ramnath represents the fourth generation of music practitioners in her family. Jayashri has been groomed under the guidance of the legend Shri Lalgudi G Jayaraman and Smt T R Balamani. Jayashri, today not only bears the torch of the Lalgudi tradition, but has also evolved a distinct style of her own.

With a career extending over two decades, Jayashri is today among the most sought after Carnatic musicians. The myriad aficionados, spanning generations that throng her concerts would bear ample testimony to this.

Jayashri's repertoire of meditative music and rare poetry are best experienced through her compositions in her albums. She has also composed music for dance ballets and documentaries. In this manner, Jayashri has deployed the essence of the classical idiom most effectively in her search for avenues beyond the concert format.

Naresh Iyer is a playback singer in the Tamil and Hindi film industry and first came into the limelight for his work with the legendary A R Rahman. He started his career with the song, "Mayilirage" from the movie, 'Anbe Aaruyire', which went on to become a smashing success.

Since then, he has been among the most highly sought after playback singers for almost all the music directors in the Tamil movie industry.

Born and brought up in the suburb of Matunga in Mumbai, Naresh was spotted in the reality talent show Channel V's "Super Singer"' on Television by A R Rahman. Naresh recently won the Filmfare RD Burman Award in February 2007.

She is a household name in the southern states of India having sung for the bilingual version of the popular song "Chal Chaiyyan Chaiyyan" from the film "Dil Se" and other major productions.

Kartick is one of the few traditional Baul artists to have the distinction of singing for A.R.Rahman and has also worked with renowned filmmaker, Mira Nair. He is a very well established Bengali folk or Baul singer in Europe and India and has performed for some of the most prestigious world sacred music festivals around the globe. He is also an integral part of the contemporary folk platform, Oikyotaan.

Sayoun is a very popular performing artist from Guinea. She is now based in Marseille, France where she is a well-established singer; stand up comedian and theater personality.

The music director for this album, Bonnie is a singer a music composer who has been simultaneously integrating projects in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. He has worked on several film projects with A.R. Rahman and his research and performance based folk platform Oikyotaan has performed for many prestigious world music events in India and Europe.

Paul is a leading music producer in the Chennai advertising and film industry. He has collaborated as a producer with many international artists from both Europe and the U.S. He recently completed a project with Sam Mills and Susheela Raman in Paris and has been spreading the contemporary folk movement from India at various music festivals all over the world. Besides playing bass guitar for, 'Dekh-Ke....' Paul has also done all of the final editing and sound design and further contributed to the project by making his studio available to for a year and half.

A renowned bass player and music arranger Dwight has been a part of the mainstream commercial advertising and music production scenario in Mumbai and Kolkata since the 80s.

Besides being an active part of the rock and roll scene in India from early 80s, he has also produced some albums for the ISCKON projects in the U.S. Dwight is currently based in Bangalore and has co-arranged the music for, 'Dekh-Ke...'

Vinayak is a keyboard player and music producer. He is a graduate from the Musicians Institute based in Hollywood, California where he did a diploma in improvisation and music production. For this project he has lent his contemporary background to help create this Indian new folk sound. He is based out of Chennai where he scores music for the advertising and theatre industry.