Oikyotaan, fronted by Bonnie Chakraborty, is a performing group that has developed a sound rooted in the rhythm and melody of folk music. This foundation is created using equally unique components from folk and contemporary music and attaching them in an interesting set of arrangements centered around Fakiri, Bhatiyalli, Jhumur and Bhavaiyya Bengali folk melodies. The sound concentrates on building lyrical phrases within a layered rhythm of folk and classical instruments. Oikyotaan aims at reaching a space where folk and contemporary music complement each other without displacing the essential sound elements and aesthetics of the other. The group comprises of musicians based in Chennai from various musical and cultural backgrounds. Since it’s formation over five years ago, Oikyotaan has enthralled audiences with their dynamic live performances at festivals and concerts in India and abroad.




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Oikyotaan - Kolonkini Radha

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