Zambezi Funk


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It’s hard to categorize the music that Zambezi Funk creates. Going by the first song they recorded together in 2004, “In My Father’s Words” one might call them a hip-hop act. However, the songs on their album, “Funkalistic Syllablez” would definitely not fit this classification. You could try calling it hip-hop, rumba, funk, pop or even Afro-Indian. But none of these would do justice to their music.

If anything Zambezi Funk’s music is a great example of how music speaks a universal language. The duo’s hybrid influences and disposition towards creating genre-defying music is only further complimented by their ability to convey emotion through melody and rhythm and not always through the language used. “The main objective of the album is to make people smile, have a good listen and remember it for the rhythm and poetry.” says Blaaze.

And if you are inclined to ask why the name Zambezi Funk ‘‘Zambezi is where I’m from and funk is what Sagar brings to the music.’’ is the reply Blaaze will give you.