"Arabic and Chinese music" - Liu Fang

The record features two great musicians from different musical tradition: Arabic and China.

Arabic and Chinese music performed by Liu Fang (pipa and guzheng) and Farhan Sabbagh (ud and percussion)

[1] Farhan Sabbagh: Maulbronn oud, pipa et percussion / ud, pipa and percussion 12:47

[2] Farhan Sabbagh: Al Ud al andalusi oud / ud solo 6:46

[3] Lin Shicheng: Festival du bateau-dragon / Dragon Boat Festival pipa solo 4:50

[4] Farhan Sabbagh: Homs oud, pipa et percussion / ud, pipa and percussion 9:30

[5] Jin Sha: Servante du berger / Shepherd Maid pipa et oud / pipa and ud 3:14

[6] Italian Folk: I´o Vol bene oud et pipa / ud and pipa 1:45

[7] Chinese Folk: Fleur de jasmin / Jasmine flower zheng et oud / zheng and ud 6:22

[8] Wu Junsheng: La nuit du feu de joie / The night of Bonfire pipa et/and percussion 5:11

[9] Zhao Dengshan: Chant du Tie-Ma / Chanting of Tie-Ma zheng solo 6:17

[10] Wang Fandi: Printemps sur la montagne Tianshan / The Spring on the Tianshan Mountain Pipa et/and percussion 3:16


Liu Fang


Arabic and Chinese music

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