Africa: What´s up?

Meet some important players of the new African scenes

Maimouna Dembele by Régina Sambou
Derek Debru by Fabien DA
Marcus Gora by Rodney Badza
Sevi Spanoudi

Session 6

Chaired by Maimouna Dembele (Senegal), HERS/Music in Africa

with Derek Debru (Belgium/Uganda), Nyege Nyege;
Marcus Gora (Zimbabwe), Mokoomba/Jacaranda Music Festival;
Sevi Spanoudi (Greece/South Africa), Black Major

Nowadays Africa is trendy. A look at the souls of the Afrodescendant artists who make it their duty to remember and recognise their common history. The African continent is very creative and its arts are conquering various other continents. For most of us, professional communities interested and promoting African music and cultures for some decades, it is not a surprise that Africa is a tremendously rich and diverse musical continent and that things there move very fast, so you have to make sure to stay updated.

Meet active players from some of the new African scenes, explaining their work and their realities and sharing their visions to build a stronger African brand.