Finding Success Through Failure

Discussion & interactive session

Melina Powell
Rita Stirn
Carla Sanguineti by Carla Sanguineti


Session 18

Chaired by Melina Powell (USA/Germany),

with Rita Stirn (France/Morocco), self-employed;
Carla Sanguineti (Argentina), Puente

This session presents a panel discussion highlighting the experiences of female professionals in the music industry, followed by an interactive exchange with the audience. The panel will be moderated by Melina Powell of shesaid. so interviewing Rita Stirn of Afrique Progrès Magazine and Carla Sanguienti of Puente.

Panelists will share the challenges they faced from their personal and professional lives, how they learned from past mistakes and how these experiences helped them to find success.

The audience will be encouraged to participate, ask questions and, following the panel, there will be breakout groups. The purpose of the session is to encourage the audience to share their personal and professional experiences as part of a collaborative platform.