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Well,... I'll give you some information about me, that is already spreaded over the net ("There is no privacy, get over it" - Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems), so I might as well just post it here.

::: To sum it up:

I'm working for the Piranha WOMEX AG ( as a computer administrator. I'm handling Windows PCs as well as Macs since I happily live in both worlds.

Besides local administration in Berlin I also prepare many IT related things for each WOMEX edition on site. My responsibility includes setting up computers, both for the team as well as the delegates (public Internet), and the wireless network. I'm also working as an editor for the IT news magazine ( This work allows me to have have access to cutting edge technology. I am able to thoroughly review new devices such as Tablet-PCs, conventional and notebooks (Mac/PC) or smartphones, sometimes even before they are available on the market.

I've been doing a bit of web related work for both companies as well in the past. This usually included valid HTML and CSS. Using valid HTML and CSS is not limited to working without so called layout tables, it also means that I care about accessibility and usability issues that can be easily improved by using modern web techniques. However, due to my very limited time I haven't used these skills for quite a while.

Spoken languages: English as well as German

(Photo Credit: Petra Vogt)

Andreas Sebayang

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