Catch WOMEX On The Road | March 2019


The WOMEX Team is back on the road again, travelling to meet delegates and partners around the globe and collecting impressions on the thriving world music scene.

We will be back in Denmark and attend CPH:DOX 2019, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, showcasing the best and brightest in contemporary non-fiction, art cinema and experimental film. Sana Rizvi from the WOMEX Film team will be presenting and doing a Q&A for one film at the festival this year: Indus Blues.

Dhari Vij, Merle Gerst, Alex Walter and Christine Semba will be attending, respectively, will be attending the following events below:

WOMADelaide 2019 (8 - 11 March)
Tallinn Music Week (25 - 30 March)
MIL - Lisbon International Music Network (27 - 29 March)

Will you be around? Get in touch!

article submitted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts