ATLANTIC MUSIC EXPO * Atlantic Music Expo 2013 Wraps Up in Cape Verde

25-04-13: We just wrapped up our first edition of Atlantic Music Expo (AME) - the new music professional meeting for Cape Verde, Africa, and both sides of the Atlantic. Between 8-10 April, WOMEX's latest co-production drew delegates and performers from almost 30 countries to the archipelago's capital.

AME is a collective labour of love, initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Cape Verde and produced by Harmonia - label, distribution and event production directed by José da Silva - and WOMEX, the world music expo.

Featuring day and night showcases, conferences and a street market, the jam-packed schedule proved incredibly fruitful: networks were formed, contacts were made and crowds were wowed courtesy of AME's unmissable Showcase offering. One of the big highlights was an animated roundtable debate with Minister of Culture, Mario Lucio Sousa (Cape Verde) and Youssou N'Dour (Senegal), both musicians in their own right.

Guiomar Alonso Cano, Responsible for Culture at UNESCO's Regional Office in Dakar, said: "UNESCO welcomes this initiative to boost the music industry across the Atlantic. It is truly the first of its kind and the fruit of a visionary partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Harmonia and the World Music Expo (WOMEX)."

(Photo by Tó Gomes)


AME 2013

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