COMMUNITY NEWS * Geomungo Factory Play London's Festival of Korean Music

16-05-13: For all those who saw WOMEX 12 showcase sensation Geomungo Factory last autumn in Thessaloniki and even more for those of you that missed it, here is a second chance to catch these four highly-accomplished young Korean musicians playing live. Your offers for international record releases and touring will be highly appreciated.

Geomungo Factory will be performing their first-ever British concert on Wednesday, 19 June at Cadoganhall, as part of London's Festival of Korean Music.

Geomungo Factory's motto is to develop traditional elements while continuously innovating. In this concert they will first explore the throbbing, percussive, cello-like sounds of the ancient geomungo, before letting loose with their own compositions on this instrument - and new instruments that they have created.

For more info go to or contact them directly at geomungofactory[at]

(Photo by Jacob Crawfurd)


Geomungo Factory, Jacob Crawfurd

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