COMMUNITY NEWS * R.I.P Gerhard Müller

17-09-13: On Monday, 7 September Gerhard Müller finally lost the struggle against cancer. He was known for his friendliness, energy and passion. He was always helpful, never liked to give up, argued passionately, liked to laugh, fought against injustice and committed himself to social diversity. He worked for decades in banking, but his passion and involvement was in world music. About 25 years ago he started as a programme maker for the public service channel 'Offener Kanal'. He later worked within SFB4 Radio Multikulti and finally was a co-founder of multicult fm and produced for Radio Romania. He helped to license world music broadcasts for WDR Funkhaus Europa and selflessly supported the World Music Charts Europe. He was label co-owner of Giftmusic and Culture Taxi. Sometimes he even brought order to the backstage clutter of festivals. Gerhard Müller was only 61 years old. (Text by Gerhard's friend and colleague Johannes Theurer)


Gerhard Müller

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