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Welcome to virtualWOMEX - the online tool that helps you easily network, market and upload your music for the global music community.

VirtualWOMEX is your perpetual WOMEX trade fair open all day, everyday for all your world music business needs.

This is your online space to post your own information and read everyone else's.

Here you will find:

...latest information and contact details on WOMEX people and companies;
...latest world music news;
...latest news on artists;
...latest news on new releases;
...latest world music events like concerts, signings and festivals;
...latest details on upcoming tours and open dates for tour agents and venues; and ads on world music-related offers.

And everything, everywhere on virtualWOMEX can be easily found using simple or advanced search functions. All this and so much more on virtualWOMEX !

Who gets access? The whole wide world can browse virtualWOMEX (save a few members-only areas like Tour Planner).

Who can post? Members only - everyone attending WOMEX is automatically registered for one entire year. Anyone else is welcome to join. Check the website for details.

MyWOMEX - your home on virtualWOMEX

Start at MyWOMEX and post all company and personal data. Everything you add is now centralised in a fresh & easy way...
And, changes are a snap!

The World Music Business Directory

All your basic MyWOMEX info will automatically appear in the Company section. Now you can post anything and everything. Who are you? What do you do? How does the community reach you?

The World Music Professionals Directory

Present yourself with your full bio, add a portrait and maintain contact with the whole wide world of the world music community.

And, with an easy search, you can find anybody and everybody on virtualWOMEX...

What's New in World Music?

The latest world music news is just a mouse click away... New projects, new companies, new signings, commercial opportunities, links to articles, awards, gossip, just post it and we will read all about it...

Free Ads:
Your Place to Advertise

Who's selling what? Post and read - free of charge.

Who is Who & Who is Doing What?

Here is the place for artist bios, links to websites and music, discographies and anything you care to communicate about the creators of world music. Plus you can post and access MP3s, photos and videos. And remember, anyone can access this information, not only virtualWOMEX members.

What is New? What is Available?

Recordings old and new in an easy-to-use database. Here too you post and access MP3s, photos, and videos.

What is Happening Where?

Concert, festival, whatever, wherever... you can find it here. Traveling? Check to see who is performing at your destination city.

Tour Planner:
For Agents and Bookers

One of the most valuable tools of virtualWOMEX, available for members only. Tour agents: Post your upcoming tours, list your confirmed and open dates and watch the offers roll in.
Bookers: Find out who is coming and what dates are free.

VirtualWOMEX - Post it, Search it, Access it daily.

And nothing can be easier. Our intuitive templates are self-teaching and self-evident. You will not need a programming degree to use it.

virtualWOMEX has everything you ever wanted to know about the world music community all in an easy-to-use database.

This is your chance to connect to the global music community and get your business started.

We hope that you will make the most of your virtualWOMEX profile!


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