WOMEX 13 CARDIFF * Second Set of Conference Topics and Speakers Unveiled

07-08-13: Here comes the next round of Conference topics and speakers for WOMEX 13 and with it, four more avenues to learn about building an audience, grabbing the attention of the press and tips and tricks for securing timely visas.

Below is an overview of the latest round of Conferences:

Being selected for a WOMEX Showcase is just the first step. Alan James (UK), of Hold Tight, will head up a panel of experts including musician Sam Lee (UK) of The Nest Collective, David Flower (UK) of SASA Music and Angharad Jenkins (host nation Wales, UK) of Trac: Music Traditions Wales take delegates step by step through the ins and outs of networking like a pro and making the most of a Showcase performance.

Miranda Hinkley (UK) of Nightjar and Joby Waldman (UK) of Somethin' Else will map out a blueprint for successful social media strategies in the creative sphere, drawing inspiration from models set by BBC's flagship contemporary jazz programme, Jazz on 3, and Open Air, a series of artists' interventions for Radio 4.

Veteran publicist, Dmitri Vietze (USA) of Rock Paper Scissors, will offer delegates a crash course in pitching to the press. Throwing artists in at the deep end, he will conduct mock interviews and help them identify one good pitch angle in a matter of minutes. Artists looking to take part can submit an audio track beforehand.

Visa procurement is still one of the main obstacles in the way of artist mobility. Eluned Hâf (host nation Wales, UK) of Wales Arts International will moderate a discussion with Jean-Hervé Michel (France) of Nueva Onda, Frank Tenaille (France) of Zone Franche and Matthew Covey (USA) of Tamizdat and Marie Le Sourd (Belgium) of On the Move looking at ways artists and the industry can efficiently cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

(Photo: Jacob Crawfurd)


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