Nine Treasures

Nine Treasures
Promo 2015
  • country:China
  • region:Inner Mongolia
  • style(s):Rock
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, rock band, guitar
  • artist submitted by:PK Music

Line up

  • Aoger (Bass, Vocals)
  • Askhan (Vocals, Guitars)
  • Kai Ding (Drums)
  • Saina (Balalaika)
  • Tsog (Morin Khuur)


Nine Treasures are a folk metal band from Inner Mongolia, China. Four of all five members are ethnic Mongolian. All the lyrics are in Mongolian. The five musicians started playing together in Beijing in the end of 2010. What sets them apart is the spirit in their music. The songs are joyful and enthusiastic, at the same time rich in emotions.

Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor (2012)
Nine Treasures (2013)
Galloping White Horse (2015, EP)

European tour 2015
22 Oct (HU) Budapest, WOMEX
24 Oct (CZ) Prague, Fatal Club
26 Oct (PL) Warsaw, Hydrozagadka
28 Oct (LV) Riga, Nabaklab
30 Oct (DE) Ahlen, Schuhfabrik
31 Oct (DK) Copenhagen, Templet Lyngby
03 Nov (NL) Amsterdam, The Cave
04 Nov (NL) Tilburg, Littel Devil
05 Nov (DE) Düsseldorf, KIT Cafe
06 Nov (DE) Münster, Rare Guitar
08 Nov (AT) Vienna, dasBach