Parno Graszt
The band (2008)
Live in Chambéry, France (2008)
Live in Lyon, France (2007)
Singer Józsi and Marica in 1983
Fever in Gödör Klub, Budapest, 2007
Dance on stage
Dance on stage #2
Hit the Piano (2002)
In My World (2004)
This World Is Made For Me (2007)


Album: In My World (2004)
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  • country:Hungary
  • style(s):Folk, Traditional
  • label:Podium Productions
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Podium Productions

Line up

  • István Németh (oral bass, churn)
  • János Jakocska (vocals, guitar)
  • János Oláh (double bass)
  • József Oláh (vocals, guitar, tambura)
  • Krisztián Oláh (accordion)
  • Mária Balogh (vocals, dance)
  • Mária Váradi (vocals, dance)
  • Sándor Horváth (vocals, spoons, dance)
  • Viktor Oláh (vocals, guitar, dance)


Since their international debut in 2002, the name of PARNO GRASZT (meaning 'WHITE HORSE' in Romani language, standing as a symbol of PURITY and FREEDOM) became THE EQUIVALENT OF AUTHENTIC HUNGARIAN GYPSY MUSIC.

'They do not use sources of Gypsy music, they are the source itself.' (Simon Broughton, Songlines)

"One of the best gypsy bands I've seen in a long time." (Jan Fairly, The Scotsman)

"This Hungarian gypsy troupe certainly knows how to turn a gig into a party." (Rob Adams, The Herald)

The band plays traditional Gypsy folk songs from North-East Hungary along with their own compositions, representing a specific local dialect of Roma music.

The band consists of 9 musicians including 4 dancers which is sometimes extended with cimbalom, accordion, violin and taragot.

They are touring extensively in Europe since 2002, performing at various major festival and venues such as the Concertgebouwd in Amsterdam or Couleur Cafe Festival in Brussels.


In October 2008, PARNO GRASZT were spending 2 weeks in RAJASTHAN, INDIA meeting nomad Gypsy communities and playing music together. This unique musical adventure will be released on DVD in 2009 worldwide.

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BBC and EBU made a wonderful music documentary on PARNO GRASZT in 2004. This movie will be presented on 1 NOVEMBER (SATURDAY) at 16:00 in BAHIA ROOM, along with a short teaser of the forthcoming 2nd documentary on their musical explorations in Rajasthan, INDIA, October 2008.

Looking forward to meet you all who are interested

Best regards,
Mark Szasz

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