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Stands # B 020- B 021 A non-profit making association which aims to etablish a partnership with the cultural users and actors who are concerned with t

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Stands # B 020- B 021 PRMA - Runmuzik

The PRMA (Regional Pole for Contemporary Music)—RunMuzik—is a non-profit organization launched in September 1997 under the joint impulse of the Ministry of Culture and the Reunion Regional Council, for the purpose of fostering musical development, in partnership with Reunion’s cultural stakeholders, and in four directions: heritage, training, information and export.

Extending these missions, the PRMA aims to identify the existing challenges in the contemporary and traditional music sectors, and to implement strategies based on its diagnosis.
Accordingly a fifth mission was initiated in 2006-2007 with the purpose of providing those concerned with studies on Reunion’s music sector, its evolution, problems and needs.
This supplemented and enhanced the PRMA’s historic missions: information, positioning Runmuzik and its tools as a resource centre for stakeholders in the sector; heritage action, in the form of the Takamba record label for traditional Indian Ocean music; training aimed both at artists and their professional environment; and finally export support for artists trying to live by their music.

The latter mission has been conducted for the past ten years by the PRMA through various actions including: the release of annual World and Pluriel promotional compilations distributed to professionals world-wide; the presence of the PRMA within national and international networks (Conseil Francophone de la Chanson, Zone Franche, Réseau Printemps, IRMA, FAMDT, EFWMF, IOMN, CMOI, etc.); hosting and consultancy services for professionals and members of the specialized press visiting Reunion; the presence of the PRMA at professional fairs (MIDEM, Babel Med Music, Womex, Moshito Music Conference etc.).

Considerable structuring of the local music scene over the past few years has allowed us today to coordinate groupings of Reunion structures (managers, labels, programmers) on these markets. Our aim is to foster the development of a logistical and promotional environment enabling them to bring their or their artists’ work to a wider audience. Thanks to these joint efforts by motivated professionals, with institutional support, Reunion artists are today showcasing their talent and diversity to better effect on these markets. We invite you to discover them during our travels or via our various communications media.

PRMA - Runmuzik

Womex Stands #B020 and B021

Pôle Régional des Musiques Actuelles - Runmuzik
6 bis, rue Pasteur - BP 1018
La Réunion (France)
Tel : +262 (0)2 6290 9460
Fax : +262 (0)2 6290 9461
E-mail : contact@runmuzik.fr
Website : www.runmuzik.fr


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