"Cumbia Galactica" - Pernett & the Caribbean Ravers

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    Pernett & the Caribbean Ravers
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    • Champeta criolla
    • Cumbia
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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Produced by Richad Blair and Felipe Alvarez This new EP from Pernett give us an new input on his work, again with 5 songs "Cumbia Galactica" with a very interesting gaita work and "Cumbia Soy" with a poetic and profud lyric, Fruta Madura a must listen featuring Blaze'em a young hoper from San Andres, "Pa lante" were he make's an homenage to Joe Arroyo one of the most relevant singers in Colombia and "Mi Abuela" the clasic rap on his own champeta version.

"Cumbia Galactica" publicado por Polen en Noviembre de 2006. Es una muy elaborada fusión de la cumbia, el bullerengue la champeta, el dope jamaiquino y elementos de chill out, un disco de cinco canciones que incluye un homenaje a el maestro Joe Arroyo y una versión en champeta del clásico del rap latino “Mi Abuela” de Wilfredo y la Ganga.

Pernett & the Caribbean Ravers


Cumbia Galactica

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Fruta Madura


Cumbia Soy

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