Sainkho Namtchylak

Extraordinary nomad singer from
central Asian Republic of Tuva
A woman of rich energy - an amazing
voice .

There is a far region, near to the
Russian border, in the endless and
desert land that goes from South
Siberia up to Mongolia. The Republic
of Tuva is the name of this
extraordinary place. It has become,
during these last years, an
interesting place for all the people
keen on ethnic music. Tuva's
singers have drawn people's
attention for their distinctive and
amazing "throat singing" technique.
Sainkho Namchylak comes from
Tuva too. Her parents were nomads
and her exciting and astonishing
performances take their strength
from the ancient sciamanic rituals of
her country.
Sainkho Namchylak is able to mix
the different elements of her culture:
the Siberian folklore with the
sciamanic tradition, the mysterious
'throat singing" with the wisdom of
the Buddhist religion.
Because of the increased attention
towards the artists coming form the
Republic of Tuva this country has
been publicised during these last
years in the Western world.
These singers with their voices
realise pure miracles riproducing the
sounds of nature and the calls of
animals. They have a peculiar
tecnique which allows them to
perform impossible jugglings using
together mouth, tongue and larynx.
Since 1988 Sainkho began to work
with creative improvising musicians
in the Soviet Union, trying to blend
traditional ethnic elements with the
sound of avant-guarde.
She was also member of the original
jazz ensemble Tri-O, from Moscow.
She first appeared in the West in this
new role of wanderer between the
worlds, at the Muenster Festival in
Sainkho Namchylak has worked also
with European labels. The Belgian
Crammed Disc published her Cd
"Out of Tuva" where Sainkho proved
herself testing the collaboration with
Western musicians.
Her performances result from her
artistic research, joining together her
cultural and religious heritage. She
allows the audiance to travel along
the ages, from the past up to the
frontiers of reality.


Sainkho Namtchylak


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