Massukos performing in London 2005
Massukos performing at WOMAD 2007
Massukos performing at WOMAD 2007
Feliciano dos Santos, WOMAD 2007
Massukos & crew at WOMAD 2007
Massukos at Croydon Summer Festival 2008
Massukos at Glastonbury 2008
Massukos at Rhythms of the World 2008


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  • country:Mozambique
  • region:Southern Africa
  • style(s):Afrobeat, Reggae
  • label:Poo Productions
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Poo Productions


Massukos are considered national treasures in their native country, renowned both for their stunning music and the humanitarian work that they do. By day, the leader of Massukos, Feliciano dos Santos, is the director and founder of the NGO Estamos; by night he is the guitarist of one of Mozambique's most revered bands. Hailed as "the next Buena Vista Social Club", they sold more than 80,000 copies of their debut album and their sensational second album Bumping has attracted rave reviews as "an irresistible charmer of a record ".

Originating from Niassa in northern Mozambique, one of the poorest parts of Africa, Massukos use their high profile to speak out against the hardships that have affected their lives. Passionate about the development work they do, the band travels for miles to remote villages to deliver simple life-saving messages about hygiene, sanitation, water and HIV/AIDS.

The release of their remarkable second album Bumping, followed by their appearances at WOMAD 2007 and Glastonbury 2008 has launched Massukos firmly on to the world stage and the band's success story looks set to continue.

"I'm a lucky man to sit in front of music like this" Charlie Gillett
"They deserve to be Africa's next big musical export." Time Out
"A fantastic band" Michael Eavis
"This great band are a joy live" Howard Male, The Independent
"Massukos are... a living breathing force for good in Mozambique" Conon Murphy, Fly Global Music Culture
"Harnessing their popularity to fight poverty, Massukos make music that is not only phenomenally beautiful but also a powerful force for change" Rita Ray, Africa on Your Street


"Bumping" - Massukos