PORCAUSADELA is a management agency, a young and passionate team working with the idea of offering the best music to its viewers.

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PORCAUSADELA is a management agency and developer member of the ARC (Professional Association of Representatives, Promoters and Managers of Catalonia).

PORCAUSADELA consists of a young and passionate team working with the idea of offering the best music to its viewers. We approach music without stylistic preconceptions and we’re always attentive to creative opportunities whenever it presents itself. We have the ambition to promote it at local, national and international levels, ensuring public consumption with each of the proposals meeting their needs and preferences.

Barcelona is the city where the project was born and where its growth and development leads. Our track record is short, but we intend to enable the combination of the viability of this commitment in difficult times, along with the search for the aspects of quality that we would want to find if we were spectators.

We’re here for the music that excites us, and musicians are the center of everything. We help in the development of their careers in any way possible and it’s what makes us happiest. Our commitment starts here and extends to the audience, and hope they accept us as a reward.


PORCAUSADELA’s mission is to grow in developing quality artistic proposals together with the creators. We strive to cooperate with the musicians so that their creative and interpretive effort reach their audience, leveraging the work they perform with care, to make viable those musical projects and allow them to endure over time.

For these reasons and more, we are and will always be ready to find the most appropriate ways of supporting their creations, and we’re already working on the production of festivals, programming rooms, creating development environments, etc.


In PORCAUSADELA, music gives us strength. We work to foster talent. We understand that the team should always be mixed, formed by the creators and those who help building projects to make them economically viable.

Our success is the artists with whom we share a good part of our lives. Development and growth will be ours and therefore we dedicate all our efforts there.

We’ve come here to stay and we understand that our treasure is the relationship between each and every one of those who have gone through PORCAUSADELA. Generosity is an ingredient we seek in our main dishes.


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