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  • country:Spain
  • region:Barcelona
  • style(s):Traditional
  • label:Porcausadela
  • type:Big Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, visual
  • artist submitted by:Porcausadela

Line up

  • Albert Mallorca (Big kettledrum, guitar )
  • Alfons Bertran (Small kettledrum, guitar)
  • Arnau Jofré  (Big kettledrum, guitar bone)
  • Joan Vilalta ( Medium kettledrum, guitar )
  • Josep Puigdollers (Small kettledrum, gui)
  • Julián Velázquez  (Medium kettledrum, gui)
  • Nan Mercader (Soloist kettledrum, guitar bones, cowbells)
  • Pep Moliner (Flugelhorn)
  • Pitu Andreu (Big kettledrum, guitar bone)
  • Tomàs Ors (Small kettledrum, guitar bone)
  • Victor Nieto (Medium kettledrum, guitar )


MontRauxa is a research-based musical creation project led by Nan Mercader and inspired in the sounds and histories that live in the Montseny mountain (Catalonia).
A sound investigation through the Montseny and the rhythmic analysis of its environment brought the basis to compose MontRauxa's themes.
For this project, new and costumized instruments were made and also old tradicional instruments were recovered.
Ten drummers, four wind instruments and a dancer in order to offer you much more than a concert: an authentic tribute to the mountain, its people and its culture.

Nature, traditions, tales and legends... the magic imaginery of the mountains of Montseny give life to MontRauxa's musical and scenic show.