Narf & Timbila Muzimba - BUMBA II


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"A journey from Zigala to Zemambiquo" is not just a show; it is also the story of a friendship of more than 12 years that endures despite the distance and time.
It’s the story of two countries not so imaginary united by this bridge made of shared songs and hopes and inhabited by citizens of the world who generously contribute with their identities and their roots to the enrichment of future common territories.
"Bumba" is a cultural cooperation project made by the galician musician Fran Pérez “Narf” and the mozambican traditional group music: Timbila Muzimba.
A new era of travel and creation brings "Bumba II" to Europe and particularly to Santiago de Compostela in Womex, on October 22 in the “Teatro principal” at 22h.

article submitted by:Céline Rabartin, Porcausadela