Melina Hickson

director of porto musical and fina produção


The 5th edition of Porto Musical will once again be held in Recife, Brazil, in february, 2011, in the old town of this famed port city in Pernambuco. PM will be offering a full array of conferences, once again focused around three key themes: Go Brazil!, Go International! And Go Digital! And each night will bring showcases of local, national and international artists performing to packed crowds of professionals and an enthusiastic public in the adjacent square, the Praça do Arsenal. The event is held in the exciting days just before carnaval as the fevered temperature of Recife rises. This is the ideal event in the ideal city during its best time of the year.
Porto Musical was created to offer advanced conferences to help develop and support the independent sector of the Brazilian music industry and enhance its cultural exchange with the rest of the world. Said, Brazil’s national newspaper, Jornal do Brasil, Porto Musical “has as its objective the professionalising of Brazilian music. The themes of the conference sessions go from creative rights to digital themes, and include everything from labels to independent festivals in Brazil and abroad. They are veritable classes from those who make up the music industry... with producers, recording companies, musicians.”

CARNIVAL 2011 begins just one week after Porto Musical ends, offering participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the distinctive culture of Pernambuco – and the worlds’ biggest street party.

Come join us!

I will be at Womex also promoting my artist Siba with his projects with A Fuloresta, Violas de Bronze with Roberto Corrêa and a new project.

Please look for me at Pernambuco´s stand.

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