PPL licenses recorded music on behalf of 7,000 record companies and 45,000 performers in the UK.

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In addition, the company has more than 45 bilateral agreements with similar organisations around the world representing a further 4,000 record companies and 31,000 performers.

PPL collects domestic and international revenues from UK television and radio, digital and online media as well as public performance income. The company does not retain any profit for itself. The costs of collecting, processing and distributing the licence fees are taken from the gross revenues that the company collects. Cost-to revenue ratio has remained at the 2007 levels of 14.6% despite increasing investment in technology.

All these revenues are distributed and paid to all PPL's record company and performer members. These include featured artists as well as session musicians, ranging from orchestral players to percussionists and to singers. There is no joining fee or administration charge and the company actively seeks members.

PPL's role and remit increases year on year given the increasing amount of data. For example the company receives details electronically on a weekly basis for on average 6,500 new recordings. Once this data has been fed into its own databases, that data is then passed on the PRS for Music for it to administer the relevant copying rights on behalf of the songwriters, composers and publishers. PPL also provides that data on to the Official Charts Company for the purpose of the charts, and also to the British Phonographic Industry and International Federation of Phonographic Industry for anti-piracy purposes.

PPL's other areas of operations include VPL, PPL Repertoire Database and PPL Video Store.



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