Vocal Sampling

'It's the best thing I've heard in ten years' , Paul Simon
Grammy tagged and named one of the best a-cappella bands worldwide the six likable Cuban singers of Vocal Sampling produce all the sounds with their hands and mouths. It feels like a complete salsa-band. Unique 2007 across Europe with new material

"Shut your eyes at a Vocal Sampling concert and you'll believe they've got guitars, trombones and percussion tucked into their sharp suits. "

In 1998 they won the Latin Grammy Award and got two further nominations in 2001. After they were touring successfully in 2004, their incredible live performance enhanced their audience on numerous well known Festivals all over Europe in 2005 as well. After they took a Europe-break in 2006 they are now came back in 2007. In 2008 Vocal Sampling released their current album "Akapelleando" Europe-wide.
After having played amazing festival in the the last summer (City Jazznight Braunschweig, Koestritzer Spiegelzelt, Summer Festival of Cultures Stuttgart, Caliente Festival Zurich), in autumn the group performed at the famous A-Cappella-Nights in 7 German cities, as well as at the Pantheon A-Cappella Festival Bonn, Vocal Total Festival Munich, A Cappella Festival Berlin, Jazz Days Dresden, Burghof Loerrach and at the SKIP Label Night in Hamburg.


Vocal Sampling


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