Producciones Sonakay S.L.

We specialise in Flamenco performances, we promote very special artists such as, Isabel Bayón(Dancer), José Luis Rodríguez (Guitarrist), Alicia Márque

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Sonakay is a company specializing in the management of flamenco artists and the production and distribution of flamenco spectaculars. Sonakay was born in June 2000, a realization of the vision of its founder and director, Sharon Sapienza. Maltese by birth, Ms. Sapienza has called Seville home since 1992. She enjoyed a fruitful career as a flamenco dancer before broadening her trajectory in 1996 to provide artist management and advisory services. Ms. Sapienza has staged flamenco productions in Spain and throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Sonakay's goal is to serve as a bridge between flamenco artists and those who promote and exhibit the art form. To build this bridge, Sonakay begins by assembling a cadre of elite performers, representing the best of the creative capacity, energy, and experience within the flamenco panorama. Sonakay then goes far beyond typical production and distribution services to act as a personal advisor to promoters and exhibitors, helping them to select and tailor a show that is perfectly suited for each venue, large or small, and its respective audience.

The Sonakay vision embraces artistic challenges and new adventures. We believe that flamenco, like all living art forms, will and must continue to evolve. However, we are equally strong in our belief that this evolutionary process must be grounded in the authenticity that only a deep knowledge of — and respect for — tradition can engender.
We demonstrate our commitment to the healthy evolution and sustainability of flamenco not only by offering fresh, innovative productions rooted in the purest of tradition, but also by actively cultivating new talent within the art form. To this end, in 2000 Sonakay launched, Larachí Flamenca, an annual festival held in Seville dedicated to developing and showcasing new flamenco artists. We now present, Larachí Flamenca, to audiences in both Paris and Seville.

While our extensive experience throughout the world gives us a first-hand, comprehensive understanding of flamenco as an artistic discipline, we never forget that ,from creation to ovation, this discipline is composed of unique individuals. Therefore, Sonakay's primary objective is to facilitate the career of each artist by staging high quality productions that celebrate unique strengths and artistic sensibilities, while at the same time, sharing management expertise with promoters and exhibitors to ensure that the ultimate consumer — each spectator — finds his or her own particular expectations not only met, but exceeded in the magic that is each and every Sonakay production.

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