Juan Ogalla, a major name in the flamenco world, boasts a long history of experiences and achievements. Born into the cradle of flamenco, Andalusia, and raised by a traditional, flamenco family, the dance form has flowed through his veins from childhood and has seen him perform globally over the years.

Juan partnered the world-famous flamenco dancer Cristina Hoyos for several years. In great demand, he has appeared as a solo artist on numerous occasions, and has been guest artist for several flamenco companies.

In Soniquete Flamenco, Juan – together with his own company, composed of the highly talented dancers, singers and guitarists –stages his years of experience, talent and knowledge.

Strong and passionate movement, combined with complex and rhythmic footwork is the medium of the performance, Soniquete Flamenco, created to lead the senses on a vivid journey into the unexplored.