Photo by Laetitia Joudan

The band H'Sao blends its African roots with 21st century musical sensibility to create a unique sound.
The group consists of six writers, composer-musicians and dancers now residing in Montreal (Quebec,
Canada). Their music and songs are inspired by traditional music from Chad, but also draws on Afropop,
World Music, Soul, and R'n'B. Their Gospel and A cappella singing is also striking. They sing in English,
French, Arabic, Sara and Kabalaye. In September 2009, H'Sao launched its second album named "Vol 235".
This latest album is unique with its modern and urban sounds but remains grounded in their roots.
Well-known titles include: Aimer d'amour, Baby Jolie, Sao Remix, Ngoursarob and Qui n'a rien. In 2003, the
group launched their first album named "H'Sao" with their hits Gomindi Iko and N'Djamena. These are two
albums with powerful lyrics and harmonious musical arrangements. H'Sao participated in several festivals,
important events and TV shows. To name a few: Juste pour aider with Gregory Charles (2009), Gala of the
General Governor of Canada (2009), Belle et Bum (TV show, 2009 and 2007), Les FrancoFolies de Montreal
(2007), Week-End Pop with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra (2006), Festival International de Jazz de
Montreal (2003), Festival International Nuits d'Afrique de Montreal (2003), Jeux de la Francophonie (2001),
Fest' Africa (2000). H'Sao also has played in France, Belgium, Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia. Their
performance always conquers the heart of the public. Their generosity and their energy are contagious.