Furio Di Castri
  • artist:Furio Di Castri
  • featured artist:Eric Vloeimans / Mauro Negri / Nguyen Le / Rita Marcotulli / Joel Allouche
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):Jazz
  • country:Italy
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Promo Music
  • label:Promo Music

Furio Di Castri - double bass
Eric Vloeimans - trumper
Mauro Negri - alto sax clarinet
Nguyen Le - guitar
Rita Marcotulli - piano
Joel Allouche - drums

Zapping: fights against cultural restraints, prejudices, genre divisions and rigid purist concepts. It inaugurates a compository and interpretative experience in rediscovering the satisfaction of extreme incursions and sudden movements, as homage to the genius of two gurus of contemporary music: Frank Zappa and Thelonious Monk.

Furio di Castri, with this innovative group of musicians creates, with personal and gut-wrenching methods, a musical world where Zappa’s transgression and sense of irony meets with Thelonius Monk’s rigid and merciless writings, forming a unique universe of sounds and a surprising and unexpected bridge between lost and separate memories in our minds.

"It all began with an idea a little perverse; to put together the music of Thelonious Monk and the orchestral genius of Frank Zappa. It was a fixation that I had been mulling over for years from the time I heard them play in concert in Italy in 1969 and 1972 when I was barely fifteen.I didn’t want to make a cover record. I really thought that by bringing together the music of these two great gurus I could create a truly unique type of “zapping” containing all the music of the 20th century and recreate the kind of music that I listened to and loved when I was young. So I asked myself: What would Frank Zappa have done if he had had to work on Thelonious Monk? What devices would he have used? I began by actually doing a role play and I tried to imagine myself playing the role of Ringo Starr in “200 motels” and using all kinds of magical potions and working only at night.The result is basically a ‘CUT AND PASTE’ operation: Examples and fragments of Monk in the centre and all around soul, rock, jazz, samba, world, jungle, and drum and bass, samples, Bush’s America and Italy in the black and white of neo-realism.In all of the compositions I wanted to put at least a small trace or an idea of Monk’s style. In some cases his presence is clear cut in other cases its more subtle. Let’s say it appears here and there throughout the whole record, a little like Forest Gump."(Furio Di Castri)

Catalogue : PM CD014
Distribution : Egea