Folk Ensemble "Bozhychi"

Folk Ensemble "Bozhychi"
Folk Ensemble "Bozhychi"


Ukrainian Folk Dance
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  • country:Ukraine
  • style(s):A Cappella, Folk
  • label:Gabri
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Promotion centre "Gabri"

Line up

  • Illia Fetisov (harmon, vocal)


was formed on January 7, 1999. It is made up of ten members, most of which are graduates of the ethnomusicology program in the National Music Academy of Ukraine, P.I. Tchaikovsky.

The group has already recorded 3 albums.

Ensemble content: Ilia Fetisov - the chief of ensemble, Маria Firsova, Susanna Karpenko, Olga Veres, Irina Koren, Anna Arhipchuik, Katya Kovshun, Valery Gladunets, Olga Karapata, Aleksandr Tolokno.

The name of the group “Bozhychi” comes from the name of the pre-Christian God, which the Slavs called “Bozhycha”, who was the god of youth and caroling.

The ensemble performs authentic, ancient songs and dance-instrumental traditions, parts of which were preserved in the villages and farms of Ukraine, all of which are dying off with catastrophic speed. The main direction of activity of the ensemble- the scientific study of the Ukrainian village and the method of recording authentic folklore samples. The main focus over the past four years has been collection trips made on canoe expeditions along the rivers of Ukraine.For the right to receive nationally funded, organizational help for the activities of young folklorists of Ukraine, members of the ensemble started the initial creation of “The All Ukrainian Association of Young Ethnomusicologists.” The ensemble actively works in association with the Ukrainian Parliament in the areas of youth politics, physical education, sports and tourism, in the name of the State Committee, and the Ministry of Ukrainian Transport.

Ensemble “Bozhychi” has participated in the all-Ukrainian folklore festival “Svitovyd” (Kyiv, 2000), international festival “Autumn Jazz Marathon- 2000”, international festival “Pokut- 2000” (Kharkiv, Ukraine), international art festival “Berezillya” (Kyiv, 2001), international festival "Sodruzchestvo"(Russia, 2003), “Dreamland” (Kyiv, 2005), “International Folk Festival in Sheshory” (Ukraine, 2005) etc. “Bozhychi” takes part in international tours and takes part in stage performances in Kyiv and Ukraine, as well as performing on television and radio. In May 2002 in an associated project with the Center for Modern Art “Dakh,” Bozhychi performed their theater piece “U Poshukakh Vtrachenoho Chasu” (In Search of Lost Time) at the “Wienner Festwochen” festival in Vienna, Austria. At this festival, “Bozhychi-Dakh” received the theater grand prize “Pektoral 2001” for the best chamber theater piece, and as well the grand prize from the theater critics of “Kyivan Rakhunok” for the best theater piece of the year. In July 2003 Bozhychi performed their theater piece in Hungary, on theater festival in Capolch.

In 2005 the Group created own Theatre Perfomance “Life Circle”, founded on Ukrainian traditions, songs and dances.

Ensemble " Bozhychi " can create unforgettable atmosphere of a national holiday in your house, office or in the open air, namely:

- To arrange a party in folk style where you will be not the observer, but also the participant, you will be able to learn national games and dances, to take participation in national ceremonies.

- To organize the real Ukrainian wedding that will be pleasant differ from a banal city variant of this family holiday

- To welcome you with Happy New Year and Christmas traditional Ukrainian songs shchedrivky, koljadky.

- To decorate your presentations with cheerful and beautiful authentic songs, instrumental playing which become exotic in comparison with your representation about the Ukrainian folk.

- To be original collective in any concert.

We were invited to the concerts by a rock band " V.V. " and Oleg Skripka, a rock band "Haydamaky", company "Dinay", the company " Lukoil-Ukraine", building company "MTD ", "Siemens", bank "Aval", "Laktalis- Ukraine", art agency " Tavrijski games ", " Pearls of a season ", "Initija", "Art Veles", "ArtMaksima", the State tax inspection in Kyiv, Kyiv Archdiocese UOC MP, the Ministry of culture and arts, the Ministry of work and social policy, TV channels ICTV, "1+1", "M1","Kiev", "The New Channel", TRC "Era", "Nashe radio", restaurant " Partisan", the Art-gallery "Karas". Composer Alexander Zlotnik, PII " MBL International East Computer Land Kiev ", Lion's Club.

Projects of “Bozhychi” in 2007:

- Record and distribution of the third album of group.

- video clip to a song "Gerasim", animation, creation and promotion.

- concert tour from Sumy to Zaporozhye.

- tour of the performance "The Circle of a Life" rounda Ukraine.

Producer of “Bozhychi” - Ms. Armine Gabrielyan

Organization of concerts and promotion - Promotion Centre "Gabri"


e-mail: tel.: +38 044 3602760, +38 067 406 5617