Qwanqwaofficial WOMEX 17 showcase

Line up

  • Anteneh Teklemariam Barago (bass krar)
  • Endres Hassen Ahmed (masinko)
  • Kaethe Hostetter (electric 5-string violin)
  • Mesele Asmamaw Kebede  (electric krar, vocals)
  • Misale Legesse Muleta (drums)
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  • label:
    FPE Records
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Qwanqwa (an Amharic word meaning 'language') is an international project based in Addis Ababa. At the helm are Kaethe Hostetter on five-string electric violin and Mesele Asmamaw on electric krar. Kaethe was a founding member of Boston's accomplished exponents of Ethiopian sounds, Debo Band. Mesele has been active as a composer and arranger in Ethiopia for over twenty years, releasing original albums and touring in Africa and Europe, performing traditional music as well as participating in projects with Dutch cross-border experimentalists The Ex and Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. In Qwanqwa, he skilfully enhances his krar with electronic effects, creating heavy, roots-based psychedelic textures which roll and tumble with the gracefully gritty sounds of electric violin and masenqo (one-string bowed lute), powered along by an uncompromisingly funky rhythm section of bass krar and kebero drums. This language is universal.



  • Qwanqwa

    type:WOMEX 17 Showcase



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