Alena Murang

Line up

  • Alena Murang (sape' & vocals)
  • Faliq Auri (bamboo flute, tin whistle, uilleann pipes)
  • Jon Wong (Classical guitar)
  • Josh Maran (ambient guitar & percussion)


Alena Murang is one of the few women to play and perform the sape', a lute instrument from Borneo. A protege of sape' master Mathew Ngau, she learns tunes from the Kenyah and Kelabit tribes which are fast fading, and presents them in a contemporary way. She often conducts dance, singing, storytelling, and sape' workshops, as well as talks.

"Alena’s alluring, mellifluous voice lends an angelic purity and ethereal dimension to the earthy simplicity and soul-soothing quality of these enchanting longhouse ditties. Her consummate skill on the sape’ and other instruments like the pagang (tube zither) gives a polished sheen to the entire production. Growing up between two worlds – the indigenous and the cosmopolitan – she effortlessly bridges both. The result is a melodious (and slightly melancholy) compilation of Kelabit and Kenyah songs with a refreshing contemporary sound and spirit" (Eksentrika, 2016)

Alena comes as a solo artist (sape' & vocals) or with a band of three (e.g. guitar, cajon, bamboo flute, uillean pipes, tin whistle)