"Sud des Alpes" - Corin Curschellas

  • artist:
    Corin Curschellas
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  • style(s):
    • Songwriter
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  • formats:
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Make up your world

With her new CD, “SUD DES ALPES” (South of the Alps), the Grison-born singer, musician and poet, Corin Curschellas, flees the icy winter and heads for the south.
“SUD DES ALPES” is Corin Curschellas’ voice – fully reflecting the diversity of her power of expression in breathtaking beauty, such has seldom been heard before. It is songs which – as is always the case with Curschellas – are impossible to reduce to one single style. It is also – first and foremost – an inspiring encounter with African music.

Corin Curschellas


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