Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra

Line up

  • Aleksandar Stosic (snare drum)
  • Boban Marković (trumpet, vocals)
  • Danijel Mirkovic ( tenor horn)
  • Dragan Jovanovic (tenor horn)
  • Dragan Kocic (trumpet)
  • Goran Spasic (tenor horn)
  • Isidor Eminovic (tenor horn)
  • Marko Marković ( trumpet, vocals)
  • Miroslav Krstic (trumpet)
  • Mustafa Salimovic  (helicon)
  • Nedzat Zumberovic (big drum)
  • Sasa Jemcic (trumpet, vocals)
  • Sasa Stanojevic (percussion)

Feted at home and abroad as the greatest of Balkan trumpeters, Boban Markovi&263; is the scion of a long line of gypsy musicians. From his home town of Vladi&269;in Han in southern Serbia's Gypsy brass heartland, he has led his Orkestar to international acclaim, boldly going where no other brass band has gone before, enhancing the traditional repertoire with elements of the wider world from jazz to funk and latin to pop. Along the way, they have broken all prize-winning records at the all-important Guca brass band festival competition, as well as becoming a major influence on the worldwide Balkan dance floor phenomenon. Keeping up the family heritage, in 2007 Boban handed the leadership baton to his son Marko as a coming-of-age present and his youthful energy and fresh musical influences are keeping the band in prize-winning form.


Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra


Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra

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