Diogo Nogueira

Diogo Nogueira
Credits: Kevin Yatarola


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Line up

  • Ana Carolina Vila
  • Carlos Castro
  • Carlos Henrique da Silva
  • Diogo Nogueira (Lead vocal)
  • Joao Faria
  • Luiz Castro
  • Sandro Santos
  • Wallace Peres


Among the rising stars of samba is Diogo Nogueira, a 30-year-old singer and songwriter who launched his career three years ago following in the footsteps of his late father, samba legend Joao Nogueira. In spite of his short time under the spotlight , Nogueira has a true sambista's chops - he has the same rich baritone his dad did, and is also a talented songwriter in his own right. He is the winner of the 2010 Latin Grammy Award for Best Samba/Pagode Album.