Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara on PRI's "The World"

In today’s Global Hit we meet two musicians from very different backgrounds.

Justin Adams is a rock guitarist from Britain.

Juldeh Camara a singer and spiked fiddle player from Gambia. In Africa, Juldeh Camara is known as a griot — a musical storyteller.

Together Adams and Camara have released a new album called “Tell No Lies.”

And you can’t help but hear a bit of American blues on some of the tracks. Here’s one called — Kele Kele.

“And point out the people that are really doing good in the country and those who aren’t doing so good.”

The album is called “Tell No Lies.”

The musicians are Britain’s Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara from Gambia.

article submitted by:Dmitri Vietze, Rock Paper Scissors