Samandar Pulodov


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  • Roof Of The World


I was born in the Pamiri region of Tajikistan to a Pamirian family where music was highly appreciated and practiced every day. I began singing at around age twelve. My repertoire included whatever I heard from my father, other family members, older generation of grand masters of traditional music, and on tape.

I also learned to read music in St. Petersburg, Russia. My experience of being involved in different cultures enabled to develop fruitful relation between these varied influences.

Since the career of musician was looked down upon, i did a bachelor degree in philology to become a teacher. I never taught philology, though he did as an Instructor of Cultural Studies, Ethnomusicology and Humanities at Khorog State University (Tajikistan), and worked with the Aga Khan Humanities Project for Central Asia and MSDSP (AKF).

At thirty, I produced my second CD, which was released internationally. This was an innovative approach to interpretation of traditional practices. Despite its unconventional appearance, critics responded enthusiastically to my performances. I received several local awards.

My aim is to seek points of contact between various cultures and to achieve this by comparing ideas from folk, classical and popular music, developing them in compositions in which these styles exist side by side.

In 2004, based on influences from my earlier experiences, I wrote pieces for my new CD, a mixture of traditional, acoustic and electronic music. Works included on the CD are poems by Rumi, the mystic 13th-century Persian poet, falaki (songs of separation) of Mountain Pamir performers and many others.

For the last three years i participated in mobile academy courses on Music and Art in Germany, organized music touring and produced various music CD’s including folk and contemporary music and also participated in festivals and trade fair in Europe, Australia, UAE, China and Turkey.

I hold my graduate diploma from University of Missouri in St. Louis (USA) in Public Policy Administration-Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program.

I am the Founder & Executive Director of the NGO "Amesha Spenta" and Director of the "Roof of the World" festival that is an annual, international music event in the Pamirs.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2006