• country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Folk, Roots
  • label:Bigorna
  • type:Band, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • artist submitted by:Roots and Rhythms

Line up

  • Joana Negrão (Singer, Adufe (traditional percussion drum), Tambo)
  • Rita Nóvoa (Percussion ( Portuguese Traditional Drums))
  • Vasco Ribeiro Casais (Braguesa (one of many traditional portuguese guita)


Seiva started their career in 2014 with the purpose of creating a musical project totally focused on the music of oral tradition from Portugal. Heirs of the now defunct Dazkarieh, Vasco Ribeiro Casais and Joana Negrão brought to Seiva their will to explore more and more the traditional music from Portugal.Their wish was to create a group starting from the premise to look deeply into the less explored portuguese rural heritage, unveiling the portuguese soul present in worksongs, old pilgrimage chants, songs of faith and deep within portuguese traditional instruments such as the adufe, the tambourine, cavaquinho, viola braguesa or portuguese bagpipes alonside their own original songs, mixing it with subtle electronic ambiances with no compuction or purism, giving tradition the center stage wihtin the urban context, renewing ancient traditions, showcasing them to the World.

Their first album was released in may 2015, being distributed thru Galileo MC from Germany.

Their first single “Dura de Roer” got airplay on TSF, one of the most important radio channels in Portugal, alongside airplay in various international radios such as Radio Dreyeckland in Germany, Radio Popolare in Italy, “Les Rutes del So” in Barcelona, that nominated the album as 2nd best to be released in 2015, culminating with the radio transminssion of a live show on Armando Carvalheda´s – Viva a Musica on Antena 1, the main national public radio channel.

Seiva have been getting great press reviews in specialized magazines and websites such as Froots, Songlines, Folker or FolkWorld in between others.
The band will be playing Costa del Folk Festival in the fall of 2016, a festival that has place in the south of Spain and Portugal, being promoted by a brittish company, thus Seiva being the only exception to a full british line-up!
Seiva were recently nominated for the FolkHerbst Prize, a folk music award that is presented in Plauen, Germany, where the band will be presenting their work in the fall of 2016.
Presently there is an ongoing planning for the first european tour of the band comprising Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

(...)" Vocal creativity and poetic flair ( Negrão has the gift). (...) listeners conditioned to equate Portugal exclusively with Fado will find compelling evidence to the contrary in the resplendent musical heartbeat that is Seiva". Michael Stone - FRoots (UK)

(...)"beautifully crafted sound tapestry of Portuguese Bagpipes, tambourine, viola braguesa, adufe and cavaquinho". Gonçalo Frota in Songlines (UK)

(...)" The music is not sad and melancholic, but lush and exuberant. Joana Negrão is an awesome vocalist". Tom Keller in Folkworld ( DE)

(...)" oica-se Seiva com a urgência das coisas inadiáveis e deixe-se correr a seiva com que as suas canções nos vivificam, revitalizam". Armando Carvalheda- Antena 1 ( PT)

(...)" Seiva - música tradicional portuguesa mas com um pó de modernidade." Nuno Rogeiro - Sic Noticias (PT)

(...)" uma maior "portugalidade instrumental" com Vasco Casais a ir mais longe na exploração sónica de instrumentos tradicionais portugueses como o cavaquinho e a viola braguesa, (...) é evolução com certeza." António Pires - Blitz (PT)

(...)" der einfallsreiche Gitarrist Vasco Ribeiro Casais und die starke Sängerin Joana Negrão. (...) Folk auf der Hohe der Zeit, mit starken Melodien und noch besseren Arrangements, regional verankert". Christian Rath - Folker (DE)