The Parkinsons

The Parkinsons
The Parkinsons
  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Punk, Rock
  • label:Garagem
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:rock band
  • artist submitted by:Roots and Rhythms


They are The Parkinsons and they are here to shoot you up with the passion that has been missing from your life for so long and inject the current music scene with a long overdue kick up its saggy arse.

The Parkinsons are returning to life, eight years after their last
recording. The new album, Back To Life, was recorded at Loudstudio in
Coimbra during the month of April and hits the stores in September. The release
is by Garagem, Portugal's legendary label since 1996.

The three original members, Afonso Pinto, Victor Torpedo and Pedro
Chau, are now joined by drummer Kalo (Bunnyranch, Tiguana Bibles, 77,
Tedio Boys) who already has integrated the band in their latest live performances.

The album consists of ten tracks that break with the past of the band and
should be listened to in the old-fashioned way, from beginning to end. The new sound
elements, especially synthesizers, accompanied by strong bass lines, bring
a darker environment, noticeable particularly in songs like "Nothing To
Complain", "City" and "New Big Thing."

If in terms of sound there is a distinct change from the band's past, in
lyrical terms the identity remains untouched by keeping the same line as
always, an almost nihilistic aversion to a society without direction.

Back To Life comes at the right time and promises to shake the conformity
of the Portuguese music scene, as happened in the previous decade with the
release of Down To The Old World (Rastilho Records) and A Long Way To
Nowhere (Fierce Panda), which caught a sleeping England by surprise.
The responsibility of the songwriting is Victor Torpedo which is also,
once again, responsible for the artwork and all the visual components that
accompany the release of this disc.

By Hugo Ferro