Line up

  • Aleragga (Rapper)
  • Alexis Balalownsky (guest musician) (Accordion)
  • Alfredo Paixao (guest musician) (Bass)
  • Antonio Beltran (guest musician) (Saxophone)
  • Bandolero y 'el Moro' (guest musicians) (Cajon and hands)
  • Carlos Murillo (guest musician) (Electric guitar)
  • Coki Gimenez (guest musician) (Drums)
  • Emilio Galiacho (guest musician) (Rhodes y Hammond)
  • Goiko Martinez (guest musician) (Drums)
  • Ismael Tamayo (Vocals)
  • Jose Cortina (guest musician) (Pianos and keyboards)
  • Jouaquín Migallón (guest musician) (Drums)
  • Kouki Portellano (guest musician) (Pianos)
  • Manuel Machado (guest musician) (Trompet)
  • Mayka Edjole (guest musician) (Background vocals)
  • Muni Shakarchi (Guitars)
  • Pedro Medina (guest musician) (Spanish guitar)
  • Pepe Bao (guest musician) (Bass)
  • Rayco Gil (guest musician) (Percussions)
  • Rebeca Rods (guest musician) (Background vocals)
  • René Luís Toledo (guest musician) (Electric Guitar)
  • Toni Belenguer (guest musician) (Trombone)
  • Toni Romero (guest musician) (Pianos and keyboards)
  • Voro Garcia (guest musician) (Trumpet)

A new band, a new concept, new music

Natural cultural mix: flamenco, jazz, tango, reggae, latin pop without frontiers and complexes.

Maktub expresses the message of a modern Andalusia (south of Spain). An Andalusia wich is capable of being immersed of all types of world music and return it with a genuine and unique character.

Under apparent musical simplicity, lays a meticulous and thorough work. This band from Malaga, offers romance, humor and reflection in their message.

This 1st album of them offers 9 wonderful and very different songs yet mantaining coherence among them.






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Tangos (live)

Live song


Bulerias (live)

Live song



Single of the album. Recorded with the Montenvideo Philarmonic


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