Milena Sá
Pixinguinha para Crianças
Milena Sá - VJ+ Live Percussion
bloco céu na Terra
Pixinguinha para Crianças
Pixinguinha para crianças
Vj Milena Sá
Bloco Céu na Terra


Orquestra Popular Céu na Terra
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • style(s):Brazilian, Choro
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Duo, Music Theatre Production
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, visual, brass, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Sá da Fonte, Milena

Line up

  • Bloco Céu na Terra (Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, acordeon, percussion)
  • Pixinguinha p Crianças Luzia de Mendonça (Voice and marionets player)
  • Pixinguinha p/ Crianças Daniel Fernandes (7 string guitar)
  • Pixinguinha p/ Crianças/ Marcelo Cebukin (Saxophone, Flute, flutin)
  • Pixinguinha para Crianças - Bené Diniz (Cavaco)
  • Pixinguinha para Crianças - MarceloCebuk (Saxophone, Flute, flutin)
  • Pixinguinha para Crianças -Joana Saraiva (Saxophone, Flute, flutin)
  • Pixinguinha para Crianças -Milena Sá (Percussion and voice)


Milena Sá is a Brazilian percussionist, VJ and filmmaker. She made film studies at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, in Rio de Janeiro, having spent the last year of her degree studying at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain. Since 2000 she has been working on several projects exploring the dialogue between music and cinema. As a filmmaker, she has directed the award-winning musical documentary “Nas Rodas do Choro” (available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian and French), amongst other films.

Active as a percussionist since 1999, Milena has worked with several Brazilian music bands in Rio de Janeiro, exploring traditional rhythms such as samba, choro, maracatu, frevo, coco, ciranda, bumba-meu-boi. She has been playing since 2000 in one of the most famous Carnival Blocks in Rio de Janeiro, Bloco Céu na Terra.

In 2011, Milena started developing projects geared towards children. She created the Project “Pixinguinha para Crianças: Historias e Sons do Menino Bom”, which was performed in different festivals and Theatres in Rio de Janeiro. These include the Instituto Moreira Sales & Teatro Municipal de Marionetes Carlos Werneck, the Library of Rocinha (one of the largest “Favelas” of Rio), at Festival de Chorinho e da Sanfona in Rosal and at the Sesc Winter Festivals.

In addition, “Choro” has developed as somewhat of her specialty: from taking part in the recording of the CD “Casarão do Choro” by the Record company Acari Records and creating, alongside classic guitarists Fábio Nin and trombonist Sérgio Castanheira the ‘Trio Pizindim’, to mixing Brazilian rhythms with influences from other Latin music styles as well as Marrabenta (Mozambique).

Currently Milena is living in UK, developing new music projects involving the fusions of Brazilian rhythms with funk and world music.

In August 2016 she performed as part of Joyce Candido’s band in an event in celebration of Team GB’s participation in the Rio Olympics 2016 at Aqua Kyoto Rooftop London. In September, she performed a rich Choros repertoire with Brazilian musicians Clea Tomasset and Victor Celestino at the Festival Ashden's party in Hyde Park, London. Last year she performed in the Showcase Brazil in Womax Festival in Santiago de Compostela.

As Video Joking, since 2005, Milena has been developing projects as a VJ in Brazil and abroad: in Rio de Janeiro Festa PHUNK, in Recife Festival RECBEAT, Festival Internacional de Vídeo Arte La Paz MARKA in La Paz – Bolívia – 2009, Festival VISUAL BRASIL, in Barcelona, 2009, Festival EUROPALIA BRASIL in Belgium, 2011 to name a few.



Pixinguinha, the affectionate nickname of Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Filho, is a mixture of "bexiguinha", due to the smallpox marks that plagued him in his childhood, and "pizindim", which means ‘good boy’ in the language of African grandmothers." The boy grew up and became one of the greatest composers and instrumentalists of Brazilian music.

The PIXINGUINHA PARA CRIANÇAS is a project that unites music and performance with dolls, masks and toys, presenting in a fun way the life and work of this great master of Brazilian popular music and ‘choro’ icon. A show that fills with joy the hearts of both children and adult.

Block Céu na Terra - Street Carnival

Céu na Terra a very well know street block in Rio de Janeiro and is a symbol of the renovation and revitalization of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Céu na Terra for over 20 years gathers more than thirty thousand people in a big party wearing very creative costumes in their parades and is known as one of the most colorful and playful. The block enchants everybody with its beautiful giant dolls (?), wooden legs (?) and brass band that along with many percussions, accordions, banjo along with many other instruments that provide a singular touch to the musical harmony and enchanting all people.