Meic Stevens


Meic Stevens hails from Solva in Pembrokeshire, and has played a major part in the development of popular Welsh music since the 60'ies. His guitar techniques are exceptional and he has a special gift as a soloist or a member of a band, as well as composing music and lyrics. Before SAIN Records Company was established in 1969, Meic had worked with Warner Brothers, and was the key figure in producing an EP which included "Dwr" by Huw Jones in 1969, the first ever record by SAIN. Meic went to London to produce another EP by Huw Jones, which included "Paid Digalonni" a song for Dafydd Iwan while he was in Cardiff gaol.Soon, Meic himself recorded with SAIN (he had already recorded on English labels). His first single was SAIN 4 and included the classic "Y Brawd Houdini", and SAIN 13 was released a few months later. Meic was also a member of Y Bara Menyn (with Geraint Jarman and Heather Jones) and worked with the Cadillacs as a backing group.