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Line up

  • Denis Pean (vocals, keyboards)
  • Nadia Nid El Mourid (vocals, percussion)


To describe the music played by Lo’Jo, one would have to delve both into a dictionary of the world’s rhythms and an encyclopedia of universal harmonies.
One would borrow from them adjectives like “shamanic”, “polyglot”, and wander from savannas to de- serts, from rivers to oceans, from meadows to asphalt roads; there would be sunrays and dust clouds, rain effluvia, fire scents and spicy flavors, ululations, fiestas and bivouacs; not a junk of sounds, no, rather a great acoustic souk.
This angelic french tribe has been roving the world with its heterogeneous and eclectic musical luggage for twenty-five years already. Not a band, rather a caravan, a collective of incorrigible backpac- kers/tightrope walkers/globe-trotters, open to every experience and every encounter. Along a dozen of records, Lo’Jo’s gang, coming from the punk, the jazz, the rock, has explored as many musical lines as continents.
As Denis Péan, singer and songwriter, says, “our music is an anarchic garden we try to cultivate so as to make it both beautiful and wild. We are like farmers: we play with time.”

Available all year.