Danilo Moraes

Danilo Moraes
by Ding Musa
Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos by Ale GOnçalves


by Danilo Moraes
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  • country:Brazil
  • style(s):MPB, Songwriter
  • label:Scubidu Music
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Scubidu Music

Line up

  • Danilo Moraes (vocals, ac. guitar, el. guitar, tenor guitar)
  • Guilherme Kastrup (Drums and percussion)
  • Zé Nigro (bass and keyboards)


Danilo Moraes is composer, singer and guitar player from Sao Paulo, Brazil. From an early age Danilo his lived music; his father is well-know for his work at Premeditando o Breque and Danilo has since performed with many renowned artists such as Chico Cesar, Miriam Maria, CeU, Ceumar, etc.

Danilo's fist solo CD was released in 2003 and received enthusiastic reviews by critics in Brazil. In 2004 he moved from his home in Brazil to France, where he performed in Paris and in other cities around Europe. While in France, Danilo recorded 51, a partnership with Ricardo Tete. The CD was released only in the French market and included Contabilidade, a song that one year later was awarded the 1st Prize on Cultra TV Music Festival. The song was chosen by the jury for better representing the new music of Brazil. They received the prize from the hands of Gilberto Gil, Brazilian music legend and Minister of Culture.

As a result of winning the Festival, they recorded a new album called A Torcida Grita, released in 2007 and available globally on iTunes. In 2006, Danilo's talent as a composer was recognized on its highest level when he finished the Visa Prize of Brazilian Music in 2nd place. His songs can be found on his two CDs: Danilo Moraes, his first solo album, released in 2003 and A Torcida Grita and 51, both released together with Ricardo Tete. Recently, Brazilian singer Ceu recorded on her debut album Mais um lamento, a song composed by her and Danilo Moraes and which is receiving accolades from fans in Brazil and abroad.

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Official website : www.danilomoraes.com