Danilo Moraes e Ricardo Teté

Line up

  • Danilo Moraes (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • Douglas Alonso (percussion)
  • Du Moreira (bass)
  • Ricardo Teté (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • MPB
  • label:
  • type:
    Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
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Danilo Moraes & Ricardo Tete
Winners 2005 Cultura TV Music Festival (Brazil)


Danilo Moraes and Ricardo Tete have been composing and playing together since 1997. Recently, their work was crowned by the First Prize at the Cultura TV Festival, in 2005. Their song Contabilidade was chosen by the jury for better representing the new music of Brazil. They received the prize from the hands of Gilberto Gil, Brazilian music legend and Minister of Culture. As a result of winning the Festival, they recorded and released a new album called A Torcida Grita.

The album was recorded using a versatile formula that ranges from the experimentalism of Contabilidade to the swing and groove of tunes like Teresa e a Torcida (a samba-rock) and Sempiterno (a ballad). The band is formed by Danilo (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tenor guitar and vocals), Ricardo (guitar and vocals) and four other musicians: Marcio Arantes (electric and acoustic bass), Marcelo Jeneci (accordion, piano and synthesizers), Guilherme Kastrup (drums) and Douglas Alonso (percussion).

Success is not a new thing for the duo. In 2000, the popular forro group Rastape recorded their song Beijo Roubado and it became a countrywide hit in Brazil, selling more than half a million copies. Since then, they composed more than 30 songs together (Danilo composes the music and Ricardo writes the lyrics) and, on top of the new A Torcida Grita, they have also released an acoustic album called 51 in the French market.

Danilo Moraes released his first solo album in 2002 and was selected by the Itau Cultural Rumos Project as well as by the TIM Prize. Since an early age, Danilo has performed as a guitarist and singer with renowned musicians such as Chico Cesar, Vicente Barreto, Carlos Careqa, Miriam Maria, etc. Danilo founded a forro group called Banguela which toured the best forro houses of Sao Paulo. They also released an album called Na Pista, which included 7 songs composed together with Ricardo Tete.

In 2006 Danilo's talent as a composer was also recognized on its highest level when he finished the 9th Visa Prize of Brazilian Music in 2nd place.

Ricardo Tete moved to Paris in 2001, where he co-founded the forro band Orquestra do Fuba, with which he recorded 2 albums (both include songs composed together with Danilo). Orquestra do Fuba has performed in many European cities and toured Brazil in 2005, with concerts in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo Tete has recently released his first solo album Geringonca, produced by David Linx, through the O+ Label. During the recording sessions, Ricardo welcomed top notch musicians like Hamilton de Holanda, Nelson Veras, Marcelo Pretto, Marc Ducret and a special guest appearance, French actress Irene Jacob.



Danilo Moraes e Ricardo Teté


Danilo Moraes e Ricardo Teté - by Edu MarinDanilo Moraes e Ricardo Teté - by Edu MarinA Torcida Grita - CD CoverDanilo Moraes - by Ding MusaRicardo Teté - by Edu Marin


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