Quarteto Roda de Choro

Quarteto Roda de Choro
A Roda de Choro - by Gabriel Boieras
A Roda de Choro - by Gabriel Boieras
A Roda de Choro - by Gabriel Boieras


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  • country:Brazil
  • style(s):Choro, Instrumental
  • label:Scubidu Music
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Scubidu Music

Line up

  • Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  • Leo Rodrigues (pandeiro)
  • Luizinho 7 Cordas (7-string Acoustic Guitar)
  • Milton Mori (cavaquinho)

Choro is an instrumental Brazilian popular music genre that originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro, characterized by virtuosity and improvisation. Led by the legendary 7-String Guitar master Luizinho 7 Cordas, the Quarteto Roda Choro includes musicians from different generations with a traditional instrumentation consisting of clarinet, cavaquinho, pandeiro and, of course, the 7-String acoustic guitar.

The project started in 2007 in a nightlong serenade in São Paulo. The atmosphere was so cool, the music was flowing so well that the group started accepting invitations to play elsewhere and were suddenly performing all over Brazil. Luizinho, who is one of the most iconic musicians within the genre, says: “We play the Choro in its essence, the way it’s supposed to be. The music is so beautiful, it’s the only genre featuring 3 different parts and a wonderful melody, and there’s no need for that much improvisation!”

One of the most important things in Choro, and in Brazilian music as a whole, is that the different generations are truly in contact. The more experienced musicians can pass their knowledge and know-how onto the young ones. That’s what a Roda de Choro is: a meeting of musicians of different generations performing very at ease.

The Quartet has released their first album in 2015 including tunes that they normally play at concerts. The group pays homage to Dominguinhos and to other classic Choro composers such as Pixinguinha, Abel Ferreira and Severino Araújo. Leo Rodrigues, who plays the pandeiro, as is the youngest in the group, says: I do believe in this music, it makes me happy! To record it is just like a dream come true.

That’s the spirit: virtuosity, rhythm, joy and improvisation!