Cumbia All Stars

Line up

  • Dante Antonio Reyes Montano  (drums)
  • Ernesto Daniel Cadenas Sanchez  (congas)
  • Luis Alfonso Reyes Montano (lead guitar)
  • Luis German Carrillo Boysset (vocals)
  • Manuel Alberto Pecho Caycho (bass)
  • Nestor Fernando Diaz Loli (rhythm guitar)
  • Rogelio Arguedas Loyola (bongo, campana)
  • William Enrique Yllescas Zapata (timbales)

When the heady counter-cultural rush of the 1960s reached Peru and the remote cities of Amazonia, many musicians plugged in electric guitars to enhance the local cumbia music with psychedelic surf guitar sounds, giving birth to a musical genre that is now an integral part of the Peruvian identity, known as Cumbia Huaracha, Amazonian cumbia or simply, Peruvian Cumbia. Living up to its name, the Cumbia All Stars is comprised of former members of some of the legendary bands of the chicha phenomenon, such as Los Mirlos, Los Diablos Rojos and Los Destellos, getting together again after 40 years to play together the music they participated in creating. Sparkling dual guitar work adorns loping cumbia grooves, making a coolly, dance-inducing sound that shows the newcomers of the recent Peruvian Cumbia revival exactly how it's done.

In collaboration with Boa Viagem Music
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Cumbia All Stars


Cumbia All StarsCumbia All StarsCumbia All StarsCumbia All Stars @ Pirineos Sur 2013Cumbia All Stars @ Pirineos Sur 2013Cumbia All Stars


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