Kanaku y El Tigre

Kanaku y El Tigre
Kanaku y el Tigre


Enigmatic music ll of acoustic instruments, stange experimental tools, toys o whatever makes sounds.
Kanaku y el Tigre is a Peruvian wandering psyche folk band led by Nico Saba and Bruno Bellatin. Their strong musical partnership stems from the ‘90s, when, in their early teens, they were kicking the dust together in a punk band in downtown Lima.
Back in 2010, their debut album ‘Caracoles’ brought Kanaku yel Tigre considerable success and acclaim in Peru with a set of quirky songs inspired by American folk. Including a hit single with the title track, and second single used in a couple of lm soundtracks, the album was considered to be one of the country’s albums of the year.
In 2015, they released their second LP ‘Quema Quema Quema’ on British label Strut Records/Tiger’s Milk and Terricolas Imbeciles in Mexico. From this last release come the two singles ‘Si Te Mueres Mañana’ and ‘Quema Quema Quema’, which g a huge impact all over Latin America and the rest of the world, captivating the media as well as the audience in general.