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New album preview 2016
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  • country:Colombia
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Cumbia, Rock
  • label:Crammed Discs
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, rock band, salsa and latin band, dance orchestra, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Si Asbl

Line up

  • Felipe Deckers (Guitar, Tiple)
  • Jose Buc (Bass)
  • Martin Mereau (Drums)
  • Natalia Gantiva (Percusions and voices)
  • Rafael Espinel (Leader voices , percusions and guitars)
  • Tuan Ho Duc (Saxo)


New Album in 2017

La Chiva Gantiva will release their third album during the first half of 2017 . Most of their new material has been recorded at their home studio in Brussels but also some of the new songs have been produced by Ivan Benavides (Toto La Momposina, Sidestepper, Carlos Vives amongst others) in Colombia. The upcoming album reflects the maturity gained by La Chiva on their previous albums and on the road performing in the most relevant festivals and venues around the globe. 2017 will also bring new and exciting video clips as we are use to with La Chiva and for sure they will ¨take-off¨ in a new adventure in the stages around the world.

The story of La Chiva Gantiva Began in Brussels When three young Colombian immigrants started to play percussion together. Driven by a desire to assert Their roots, They Began to blend Afro-Colombian rhythms With other styles of music. Soon joined by other musicians (Belgians, a Frenchman, a Vietnamese and even to japanese). Today They are 3 colombians a vietnamese, a Belgian and a chilean.

They started performing around the world, and Their exciting and explosive show Conquered medias and public alike.

The Times UK Described La Chiva Gantiva's live energy "... They are a frenetic carnival-punk racket That detonates like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms."

La Chiva Gantiva is touring around all the world from 2011. They played in a lot of big festivals Europe (Roskilde, Womad (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain (Caceres and Fuerteventura), Paleo, Rioloco, London Jazz Festival , Olympics Games in 2012, Door Fest, Summer Festival Bruxelles etc)
Latin America: Colombia (3 times) Mexico (Festival Vive Latino 2016)
North America: Canada twoice (The Montreal Jazz Festival, Les Nuits d'Afrique, Quebec d'Ete.
US Fest New York (Carnegie Hall special guest twoice) The Skirball Cultural Center in L.A. In 2016 They arrived to South Korea, Turkey.

The first two albums was signed to Crammed Discs, Vivo 2014 and Pelao 2012